Current Storm/Cyclone

System Name and intensity
Moderate Tropical Storm ESAMI

Date and Time 26 January 2019 10 AM

Position 27.4°S 75.6°E

Estimated Central Pressure 995 hPa

Movement SE 20 kmph

Distance from Mauritius 1950 km ESE

Distance from Rodrigues 1500 KM ESE


Moderate Tropical Storm ESAMI  is moving further away from our region and it will not influence weather at Mauritius and Rodrigues.


System Name and intensity
Severe Tropical Storm DIANE

Date and Time 26 January 2020 04 AM

Position 23.0°S 65.0°E

Estimated Central Pressure 985 hPa

Movement SE 35 Km/h

Distance from Mauritius 1100 KM ESE

Distance from Rodrigues 650 KM SSE


DIANE has intensified during the night into a Severe Tropical Storm and is moving further away from the Island.

It will not influence weather over the Mascarene Islands.


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