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The Winter 2024 Seasonal Outlook gives an insight of the expected evolution of the climate during the winter months in Mauritius and Rodrigues. The content of this outlook is meant to be used as...


Preparedness And Precautions in The Event of a Cyclone

Before The Cyclone

  1. Portable AM/FM radio and fresh batteries.
  2. Torch, lamps, candles, matches, etc.
  3. Water containers.
  4. Canned food, can opener, stove with sufficient gas.
  5. Rice, flour, biscuits, cheese, etc.
  6. First aid kit and essential medicines.
  7. Clothes secured in plastic bags.
  8. Tool kit for emergency repairs (hammer, nail, rope, etc..)


During a cyclone warning class l


During a cyclone warning Class ll

Verify that your emergency kit contains all essential items


Upon the issuance of a cyclone warning Class lll

  1. Fix shutters.
  2. Secure doors and windows.
  3. Store loose articles.


During a cyclone warning Class IV

Gusts of 120 km/h or more are occurring


Passage of the ‘EYE’ of the cyclone


After the cyclone

Clean yard and drain out stagnant water to prevent proliferation of mosquitoes/diseases