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Cyclone Names

List of Names of Storms/Cyclones to be used in the South-West Indian Ocean during Cyclone Season 2019-2020

S No. Name Name Provided by Named by Named on 
1 AMBALI Malawi (M)    
2 BELNA Mauritius (N)    
3 CALVINIA Afrique du Sud (N)    
4 DIANE Botswana (F)    
5 ESAMI Zimbabwe (F)    
6 FRANCISCO Mozambique (M)    
7 GABEKILE Swaziland (F)    
8 HEROLD Seychelles (M)    
9 IRONDRO Madagascar (F)    
10 JERUTO Kenya (F)    
11 KUNDAI Zimbabwe (M)    
12 LISEBO Lesotho (F)    
13 MICHEL France (M)    
14 NOUSRA Comores (F)    
15 OLIVIER Mauritius(M)    
16 POKERA Malawi (F)    
17 QUINCY Seychelles(F)    
18 REBAONE Botswana (N)    
19 SALAMA Comores (F)    
20 TRISTAN France (M)    
21 URSULA Kenya (F)    
22 VIOLET Afrique du Sud (F)    
23 WILSON Mozambique(M)    
24 XILA Madagascar (M)    
25 YEKELA Swaziland (M)    
26 ZAINA Tanzanie (F)    

Cylones coming from the Australian Region will retain their original name when they enter in the zone of Responsibility of Mauritius.