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To be a proactive, highly efficient and effective institution



To provide accurate and timely weather information and meteorological products for the general welfare of the citizens of the Republic



a) Continue issuing:-

i. Daily weather information for the citizens of the Republic of Mauritius

ii. Daily weather forecast for fishermen in Mauritius, Rodrigues, St Brandon and Agalega

iii. A 5-day weather forecast to the agricultural community every Monday and Friday

iv. Fortnight reports on rainfall distribution over Mauritius and Rodrigues

v. Seasonal forecast and updates if necessary

b) Provide cyclone warnings at regular intervals of six hours for class I and class II, three hours for class III and more frequently, after receipt of latest information during class IV

c) Provide timely information and warnings about occurrences of extreme weather events such as cold spells, heat waves, tidal surge and torrential rain

d) Provide advisories to ensure the protection and safety of aircrafts and ships

e) Provide advisories in the advent of droughts and floods

f) Provide climate data within two working days of request for short periods but within one week for extended periods

g) Exchange weather information and data at regional and international level

h) Hold high the commitments of the country vis-à-vis regional and international organizations

i) Act with promptitude and diligence


Functions of The Meteorological Services

The general functions of the Meteorological Services are: -

a) Provision of meteorological services for

i. Government ministries, departments, local authorities, the media and the general public, agricultural and industrial interests and tourism

ii. Maritime and aeronautical navigation

b) Organization of meteorological observations in Mauritius, Rodrigues and the Outer Islands and over adjacent parts of the Indian Ocean

c) Collection, processing and publication of meteorological observations

d) Provision of a tropical warning service for Mauritius, Rodrigues and the Outer Islands; for ships, aircrafts and for information of neighboring countries

e) Provision of tsunami warnings as and when the event occurs in the Indian Ocean

f) Issue of warning for the protection of life and property during adverse weather conditions

g) Participation in the activities of appropriate international organization, particularly the World Meteorological Organization

h) Research and investigation