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ECLIPSE - 2021


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There will be   four eclipses, two  of the Sun and   two of the Moon  ,during 2021.

                                                      May 26                : Total  eclipse  of the Moon

                                                      June 10                : Annular eclipse of the Sun

                                                   November 19          :Partial   eclipse of the Moon

                                                   December 04           : Total  eclipse of theSun



 Total eclipse of the Moon  -   May 26

The eclipse  begins   at  12h46 and ends  at  17h51.

 The  penumbra  will be  visible in  Mauritius, Rodrigues and  Saint Brandon  but not visible  in Agalega


 Annular  eclipse  of the Sun -  June  10

The eclipse  begins  at 12h12 and  ends  at 17h11

The eclipse will  not be visible in  Mauritius,Rodrigues , Agalega  and Saint Brandon


 Partial eclipse of the Moon –  November 19

 The eclipse begins at 10h00 and ends at 16h05.

The  eclipse  will not be visible  in Mauritius, Rodrigues , Agalega  and  Saint Brandon


 Total eclipse of the Sun –  December 04

The eclipse  begins at 09h29 and ends at  13h37

The  eclipse will not be visible in  Mauritius, Rodrigues ,Agalega and Saint Brandon.


Equinoxes and Solstices 2021

Equinoxes :  March 20 at 13h37 and September 22 at 23h21.

Solstices    :  June   21 at 07h32 and December  21 at 19h59.   

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